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  • Where Do You Find Truth in an Age of Alternative Facts?
    August 3, 2017|Theologos
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    August 3, 2017, by Dr.Bob Ellis —    Perhaps you have had one of those conversations lately in which your understanding of reality and facts stands in direct contrast with the other person’s perception. I certainly have. It is a symptom of our age. In our national discourse divergent perspectives vie for our agreement…

  • The Mystery of Milestones
    May 17, 2017|Words for the Journey
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    Words for the Journey – The Mystery of Milestones May 17, 2017 – Phil Christopher   Milestones… we all have them if we will take time to reflect. The term means an event or action that marks a significant moment or even change in a person’s life. Such marker moments can be seen as positive or negative. However, be care…