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  • Would Jesus Have a Chance of Getting In…?
    January 24, 2018|Words for the Journey
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     Evidently, our Lord would have had a hard time getting into our country according to the recent discussions on immigration.  I realize immigration and the issue with “DREAMers” are complex issues.  We live in dangerous times. Yet, we can allow fear to control us and cloud our judgment.  The question for the followers of Je…

  • FBC Sutherland Tragedy
    November 7, 2017|Words for the Journey
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    November 7, 2017, by Dr. Phil Christopher A Pastoral Word in a Time of Such Heartbreak… We would be heart-broken over wherever the shooting on Sunday happened.  But in a church? We have grieved over the precious lives lost in Las Vegas.  They were enjoying life and the gift of music. We have grieved over those in New York C…

  • The Power of Perspective
    September 19, 2017|Words for the Journey
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    September 19, 2017, by Dr. Phil Christopher “The Power of Perspective”   Chuck Swindoll suggests that the secret to happiness is perspective.  Perspective determines our attitude, approach to life, and the ways we handle challenges. Do we moan and mope our way through the inevitable difficulties of life?  There is an o…

  • Where Do You Find Truth in an Age of Alternative Facts?
    August 3, 2017|Theologos
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    August 3, 2017, by Dr.Bob Ellis —    Perhaps you have had one of those conversations lately in which your understanding of reality and facts stands in direct contrast with the other person’s perception. I certainly have. It is a symptom of our age. In our national discourse divergent perspectives vie for our agreement…

  • The Mystery of Milestones
    May 17, 2017|Words for the Journey
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    Words for the Journey – The Mystery of Milestones May 17, 2017 – Phil Christopher   Milestones… we all have them if we will take time to reflect. The term means an event or action that marks a significant moment or even change in a person’s life. Such marker moments can be seen as positive or negative. However, be care…