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The First Baptist Church Abilene’s Youth Ministry is for students in the 6th through 12th grades. Our mission is to make lifelong disciples who authentically trust God within the context of a Christ-centered community with a kingdom trajectory.




Places to Participate

Sunday School

Each Sunday at 9am we meet for Bible study and worship all together and then split off into small groups based on age.


Sunday Small Groups

Most Sundays our students will meet in smaller groups to have a chance to fellowship and study the Bible together.

Middle School Small Group – 6-7pm on the Youth Floor

High School Small Group – 7:15-8:15pm on the Youth Floor or the Winfrey Home


Youth Bible Study

Wednesday nights from 6-7:15pm on the youth floor. We gather for games, worship, and learning about the Love of God through Scripture.


Disciple Now

A weekend retreat for middle school and high school students where small groups stay in host homes for the weekend to participate in Bible study, worship, and fun!


High School Camp – June 2-7, 2024

At Glorieta N.M., expect snow-capped mountains, hiking, and cool weather combined with worship and community. This is a terrific week and is always one of the most meaningful for our students.


Middle School Camp – June 11-15, 2024

At Heart of Texas Baptist Encampment on Lake Brownwood.  Middle school students have the opportunity to worship, play, and grow in their relationship with Jesus. 



Whether it is serving breakfast in downtown Abilene at City Light, hosting a book fair on the border in Douglas, AZ, or families serving together in south Texas, there are many ways throughout the year to serve and love our neighbors.


What We Value

Spiritual growth and maturity take time. In fact, we think it takes a lifetime. What we do this week matters, but it matters that we do it consistently over time.



We believe that spending time with young people matters because some things can’t be done in a day or even a week. Investing time in teenagers – over time – helps them understand things that can’t be grasped in a moment.



We believe love is the one thing that matters most. Love – over time – helps teenagers develop a healthy sense of self-worth. How we love kids will affect how they live as adults. We want every kid to know they are loved and see what it looks like to love somebody else.



We believe that words – over time – can impact someone’s direction in life. The words we use impact the way we think. We hope to create a shared language of faith that communicates love, builds each of us up, and moves us in a kingdom trajectory.



We believe that fun – over time – makes friendships go deeper and creates meaningful connections. Making fun a priority builds trust, establishes deep connections, and has a lasting influence. Fun and laughter are critical elements to finding a place to belong where teenagers can love and be loved.



We believe that belonging to a group– over time – shows kids they have a place. People need people. Everybody needs a circle of support, and every kid needs a tribe. We believe it is part of our role to make sure every kid has a seat in the circle and a chance to really belong. It is in a group that kids know they are welcome and forgiven. Grace shows up in a tribe.

What You Will Find

Knowing and Living the Gospel

The “gospel” is a term that we tend to overuse without even knowing its meaning. We want every student to understand that the gospel is not a proposition or an idea about getting into heaven. Rather, the gospel is an announcement that Jesus has come to make everything new. The gospel is transformative in every sense and is not about what we can get out of it but about what we are invited to participate in – the kingdom of God. The gospel puts people at the risky edge of life and transforms how youth live out friendships, form community, and seek justice.

  • Disciple Now
  • Mission Trips
  • Service Projects
  • High School Camp
  • Middle School Camp


Navigating Transitions

Whether it is entering middle school or leaving high school, times of transitions are meaningful in the lives of youth and their families. We believe it is important for our ministry to walk beside youth and parents in these moments to help make sense of how God is working through transition and change.

  • Senior Sunday
  • Summer Prep for Graduates
  • Back to School for Kids and Parents


Partnering With Parents

Parents are the most important influence in their kid’s lives. Sociologist Christian Smith puts it this way, “When it comes to kids’ faith, parents get what they are.” We want to partner with parents to provide encouragement and space to talk about and model a faith that lasts.



Intergenerational Value

Our youth are not the church of tomorrow – they are the church of today. The faith they live out as teenagers matters. Their gifts and personalities are not stored up for a time yet to be determined but are a vital part of our community. This is why relationships with adults across generations and inclusion into the meaningful work of the church matters. Participating together and hearing stories of faith across generations can help build faith that lasts.

  • Generations Sunday
  • Participation in Worship
  • Intergenerational Service




For more information, contact Hunter Brown, Pastor for Youth at or 325-675-8161.